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By Leah Garchik

Renate Stendhal’s new memoir is “Kiss Me Again, Paris,” which was celebrated (along with Dawn McGuire’s “American Dream With Exit Wound” — on June 11 at Books Inc. in Opera Plaza. The lavish party included wine and mimosas, a generous buffet and French accordion music by Dave Miotke, a much more elaborate celebration than the usual bookstore event.


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How to Live in Paris, Get Kissed a Lot, Write a Memoir About It

By Maree Hamilton

Picture this: you’re on a scooter, whisking down Boulevard Montparnasse. It’s a spring night, and you’ve got a silk scarf tied around your neck to escape the chill. There are cigarettes in your pocket, cognac and coffee in your belly. You’re on you way to meet a mysterious woman you glimpsed at the opera…



Brooks Roddan on Renate Stendhal’s memoir

By Brooks Roddan

Renate Stendhal has written a completely original book–a memoir of a time in her life when sexuality was almost everything–Kiss Me Again, Paris. 

It’s a book a reader can walk around and admire from all sides, cover, back-cover, and spine, and as its publisher I do walk around it over and over, each time happy with how well-made Renate’s book is, how good it feels in my hands.

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lambda030515 ‘Kiss Me Again, Paris,’ or: How Many Drafts Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?

By Renate Stendhal

On the iPhone App Bitmoji, my Avatar is a little stick figure (more stick than figure) with a French beret and thigh-high black boots, just the kind I used to wear in the seventies when minis were in fashion. I discovered Bitmojis while trying to…


argonautMemoir Recalls The Erotic Feminist Revolution of Paris in the 1970s
By Christina Campodonico
Lambda Literary Award-winning author Renate Stendhal’s new memoir “Kiss Me Again, Paris” begins with an illicit visit to the Paris Opera. She mixes in with a group of well-dressed patrons and sneaks in without a ticket. Then rendezvous with an usherette for a spontaneous tryst in the loge.





Featured Member Interview Renate Stendhal

By Nina Lesowitz

Member Renate Stendhal’s newest book, Kiss Me Again, Paris, a visual-textual memoir, came to her out of her fondness for Gertrude Stein and her fascinating life arc from Germany to Paris and now the Bay Area. Aspiring memoirists can learn a lot from Renate’s process and her expert advice for writers.




smaller-banner-editLesbrary reviews Kiss Me Again, Paris by Renate Stendhal

By Megan G.

Never has a memoir enraptured me as completely as Kiss Me Again, Paris. Renate Stendhal reached through the pages and took me by the hand, pulling me back into Paris in the 1970’s and into her skin.

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The Dish: k.d. lang, Sia And Other LGBTQ Stars On Pride, Martina Navratilova Goes Ham On Margaret Court

By Trish Bendix

Renate Stendhal’s new memoir “Kiss Me Again, Paris” details some erotic and Sapphic affairs she had in 1970s France. Ooh la la!


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bookwomanbanner The Whole Story

By Nicole Ayers

In this edition, we meet the team behind the new memoir by German-born author Renate Stendhal (SF), about her time in Paris at the end of the 1970s when “women were in fashion and every woman, straight or gay, fell in love with women.”
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The Good Girl

By Renate Stendhal

The ouvreuse, my “Dorabella,” had barely disappeared from the loge when I remembered the box on the other side. I was stung by the impression of red disappearing through the door. There was no doubt.



Good Girl Gone Free

By Renate Stendhal

It would be hard for an American today to imagine what it was like to grow up in Germany after the war. Life was dominated by silence and lies about the past, the Holocaust, the fascist leanings of basically the whole generation before us. Plenty of Nazi criminals were still hidden and flourishing in the new, “clean” Germany.



Lesbian Lit: Excerpt from ‘Kiss Me Again, Paris’

By Renate Stendhal

It was finally late enough to get on my Vespa and drive over to the Palais Royal. Emma’s parents lived on the fifth floor in Rue de Beaujolais. Emma herself had her own “atelier” in the 14tharrondissement, although she had nothing to do with art. Opening the massive, polished entry door I instantly noticed…


promo-logo-773-180-sc4 Excerpts from Kiss Me Again, Paris by Renate Stendhal can be found on Scene 4, the International Magazine for Arts and Media: 

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