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Kiss Me Again, Paris – Excerpt

“Claude. Claude, Claude. A name she had chosen because you can’t tell which gender it refers to. When Claude first came to Paris, everybody went by a new name and the lesbians were nothing more than a big commune living without clothes in a suburban villa. (“Villa Nude,” as my pal Charlie liked to remind […]

Pita’s Salome: A Review by Renate and Analysis by Kim Chernin

Salome, the biblical girl/femme fatale who danced for her stepfather, Tetrarch Herod, and as a reward, received the head of John the Baptist on a platter. For my review of Arthur Pita’s take on Salome, click here. Pita rose to fame when he adapted Kafka’s Metamorphosis for ballet. To read Kim Chernin’s thoughtful analysis of the Salome […]

Kiss Me Again featured in The Bookwoman Newsletter

From The Bookwoman, published by the Women’s National Book Association: “In this edition, we meet the team behind the new memoir by German-born author Renate Stendhal (SF), about her time in Paris at the end of the 1970s when “women were in fashion and every woman, straight or gay, fell in love with women.”” Read more […]

Kiss Me, Again Paris at Epochalips

There are a number of honeymoons when you are preparing to send a new book into the world. The first is grandiose: when you get the idea of writing your book, you are in a state of total turn-on, ready to run off into the sunset. The second is carefully optimistic: when you are done […]

Kiss Me Again, Paris Serialized at Scene4

The intermission seemed interminable until I noticed the dark-skinned ouvreuse standing at the entrance of my box with a stack of programs, eyeing me. I looked back with curiosity as she undauntedly held my gaze. I raised my glass to her, she smiled. I waited. She approached. Read more in Scene4!