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Kiss Me, Again Paris at Epochalips

There are a number of honeymoons when you are preparing to send a new book into the world. The first is grandiose: when you get the idea of writing your book, you are in a state of total turn-on, ready to run off into the sunset. The second is carefully optimistic: when you are done […]

Kiss Me Again, Paris Serialized at Scene4

The intermission seemed interminable until I noticed the dark-skinned ouvreuse standing at the entrance of my box with a stack of programs, eyeing me. I looked back with curiosity as she undauntedly held my gaze. I raised my glass to her, she smiled. I waited. She approached. Read more in Scene4!  

Interview with The Examiner!

In this interview we reveal some secrets on Lesbian love, sex, and marriage. We talk about our unconventional approach to monogamy and infidelity. We discuss challenges like sexual revulsion, and more… Click here to read the full interview!  


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