Kiss Me Again featured in The Bookwoman Newsletter
March 20, 2017
Book Events for Renate Stendhal and Kiss Me Again, Paris
May 12, 2017


“Claude. Claude, Claude. A name she had chosen because you can’t tell which gender it refers to. When Claude first came to Paris, everybody went by a new name and the lesbians were nothing more than a big commune living without clothes in a suburban villa. (“Villa Nude,” as my pal Charlie liked to remind people, each time with a dirty grin on her moon face.) It’s a funny thing about Paris women. They all seem to descend from somewhere else and quickly become Parisians, without shedding the tang of their local accents. There’s no need. All it takes is an address in one of the quartiers and Paris takes care of the rest—until August when they all disappear again to where they came from.”

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