Kiss Me Again, Paris featured in Epochalips
April 25, 2017
Tiit Helimets, Sarah Van Patten and Aaron Robison in Tomasson's Trio.
(© Erik Tomasson)
Program 7: A Golden Hour at San Francisco Ballet
May 10, 2017

BW_Left-bank_BW-copy2-crIt was a relief to be out in the air. A slight, refreshing drizzle came at me as I drove home. But instead of continuing toward Montparnasse I found myself turning back toward St. Germain and the Seine. In a few minutes I had crossed the river and was at the Porte St. Martin, the quartier where Aicha’s Hotel Violet was located, at the heart of the garment district. I was making a left turn off Rue du Faubourg St. Martin when I was almost hit by a car.


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