Quoting Gertrude Stein # 94: Happy Birthday, Gertrude!

  Another Happy Birthday, Gertrude Stein! What is eternally 39 year-old Alice bringing Gertie for her celebration? You bet it's something she baked, some "entertaining refreshment," "effective," "ecstatic," "brilliant," "ravishing" -- in short, a "food of paradise". To be exact: "the food of Baudelaire's Artificial Paradises." Often quoted, often repeated, sometimes verboten, always imitated, the stuff of Urban Legends: here is the recipe. Not just from her famous Cookbook  -- no, here recited by Alice

Why Do Something If It Can Be Done: Quoting Gertrude Stein # 91

Why the Witch-Hunt Against Gertrude Stein? Tikkun Magazine It’s fascinating how the story of Stein’s war years and survival refuses to settle into a consistent story line. I wrote about Assemblyman Dov Hikind, commentator Alan Dershowith and their distortions of history in their attempt to bully the Metropolitan Museum. Dovkind, Dershowitz and others wanted the wall text of the exhibition “The Steins Collect” to follow their own version of the story – i.e. the urban

Why Do Something If It Can Be Done: Quoting Gertrude Stein # 90

There or not there? Gertrude Stein Day at the American Literature Association Conference Me, Denny Stein and Hans Gallas “It’s the critics who thought about form, I thought about writing.” (Gertrude Stein) Imagine my surprise, when I asked my academic audience at the lecture panel whether they were aware of the Stein controversy, Stein the "urban legend," the Metropolitan Museum crisis and the White House scandal. They had not heard of it. Any of it.

Why Do Something If It Can Be Done: Quoting Gertrude Stein # 89

Gertrude Stein: Genius Wanted – Unwanted by White House The scandal has finally reached the highest levels (so far?) with the White House striking Gertrude Stein from the list of “generations of Jewish Americans (who) have brought to bear some of our country’s greatest achievements and forever enriched our national life.” On May 1st, the beginning of Jewish Heritage Month, the list originally named Aaron Copland, Albert Einstein, Gertrude Stein and Justice Louis Brandeis. Then

Why Do Something If It Can Be Done: Quoting Gertrude Stein # 88

Another Round of Gertrude Stein Loves Hitler! Perpetuating an Urban Legend about Gertrude Stein Wouldn’t you know that the New York Review of Books wouldn’t pass up the chance to feed into the urban legend claiming that Stein really meant it when she quipped that Hitler ought to have the Nobel Peace Prize, in 1934. The NYRB reviewed The Steins Collect, the traveling exhibition that finally reached the East shores at the end of February,