September 25, 2014

Visible/Invisible: LGTB photography then and now

Two great books reviewed at Scene4 Magazine and Huffington Post    
June 4, 2013

Prince Charming Finds His Dream Girl… at SF Ballet and on YouTube

If you, too, can’t resist fairytales, my latest musings on Cinderella are online at Scene4 Magazine. If you, too, can’t resist to look behind the veil […]
April 28, 2009

Seven Stages of Lesbian Desire (What’s Truth Got to Do With It?)

Seven Stages of Lesbian Desire ( What’s Truth Got to Do With It?) by Renate Stendhal As a young lesbian, I was notoriously afraid of bed […]
February 15, 2009

“Harvesting Life”: My own experience as a learner and provost of UIL

  When I heard about a Ph.D. program that was not tailored according to a conventional Western canon, I pricked up my ears. A program that […]
February 15, 2009

AIWP Guidelines for a Spiritual Consulting Practice

-AIWP Pastoral Counseling- Guidelines for Spiritual Practice Pastoral Counseling is synonymous with the term Psycho-spiritual Counseling.  It is a listening art based on the integration of […]
February 15, 2009

Writing in My Paris Cafe

I used to wonder, during the many years I spent in Paris, why I could not sit at my desk and gather my thoughts. There was […]
February 15, 2009

A Leap of Faith

I would never have imagined the way I came to write my first novel. Many years ago, I used to hear a silly little ditty in […]
February 15, 2009

At Play in the Field of Words: My bag of tricks to help you write

As a young aspiring writer, the advice I got from most teachers and writing manuals was to create a disciplined writing practice. The notion of discipline […]