Seven Stages of Lesbian Desire (What’s Truth Got to Do With It?)

Seven Stages of Lesbian Desire ( What's Truth Got to Do With It?) by Renate Stendhal As a young lesbian, I was notoriously afraid of bed death and skeptical about ever being able to escape it. Monogamy to me was a sure-fire condemnation to sexual boredom. My experience with serial monogamy taught me that desire was doomed to die a slow death. My intuition, however, told me otherwise. The notion that passion and intimacy can´t

“Harvesting Life”: My own experience as a learner and provost of UIL

  When I heard about a Ph.D. program that was not tailored according to a conventional Western canon, I pricked up my ears. A program that gives you credits, units, a degree for reflecting on your life-long learning? A BA, MA or Ph.D. that rewards your conscious awareness of your own path, your personal life choices? A program that wants you to write about your own interests and passions? In Europe, where I am from,

AIWP Guidelines for a Spiritual Consulting Practice

-AIWP Pastoral Counseling- Guidelines for Spiritual Practice Pastoral Counseling is synonymous with the term Psycho-spiritual Counseling.  It is a listening art based on the integration of empathy, interpersonal collaboration, and spiritual recognition. IT IS IMPORTANT TO DISTINGUISH PASTORAL COUNSELING FROM ANY FORM OF THERAPY, PSYCHOLOGICAL OR PHYSICAL. WE DO SO IN THE FOLLOWING WAYS: 1.  Psychotherapy, according to Webster’s dictionary, is a treatment of mental or emotional disorders or of related bodily ills by psychological