2016-06-10-1465599789-8823174-Carmenatcar-thumb10 Jun 2016

“Tacky, Tawdry, and Tasteless” :Carmen

Carmen (Irene Roberts) as a hapless little street whore who takes her panties off to straddle her Don José (Brian Jagde) in a parking lot? And who puts them back on when they are interrupted by his rival, another one of her Johns? But wait, it gets better. Hasn’t he just knocked her to the ground a moment earlier because she hasn’t had a great reaction to his love declaration, his “Flower Song”? Well, she’s

10-Big-boys-cr26 May 2016

Swimmer: Yuri Possokhov’s Multimedia Ballet

  Young ballet choreographers show a penchant for literature. British wonder boy Liam Scarlett recently based a ballet on a poem by William Blake (reviewed in these pages); another on W.H. Auden. But it’s rare that a ballet takes flight from a modern short story. Russian ex-dancer Yuri Possokhov formed a lasting impression reading a John Cheever story in his youth, long before leaving the Bolshoi and becoming San Francisco Ballet’s talented Choreographer in Residence.

1-Forsythe-Counterpoint-cr2 Mar 2016

San Francisco Ballet Premieres Forsythe and Scarlatt

  Passion, sex, humor bounce off the stage “Pas/Parts” seems to have lost some excitement since 1999, and the back to back comparison with Scarlett’s new creation didn’t exactly help the piece. Forsythe’s abstract work used to provide considerable thrill – a strict, classical baseline, dissected and deconstructed with sometimes Balanchinian inventiveness and precision (his 1984/2004 masterpiece “Artefact Suite,” was reviewed in these pages*). Extreme twists and breath-taking off -balance “combat” pas de deux; devilish

self-publishing-a-book-self-publishing-in-India1 Sep 2015

What it’s like to get published in this day and age.

Two writers meeting at a café, both having won a literary award this year for unpublished work, one of us for her stories, the other for her memoir. We got together because each recognized the other as a writer to reckon with. Two women, we discovered, who spend time writing and rewriting books that take years to ripen. We are, as my new friend said over lunch, "at the ragged edges of the publishing world."

royalroadblurb1 Jun 2015

Jenni Olson’s New Film ‘The Royal Road’

Local lesbian filmmaker Jenni Olson's The Royal Road (premiered at Sundance) had two sold-out shows at the San Francisco Film Festival. The 65 minutes long work is a poetic essay and a double love story. there is the filmmaker's love for San Francisco, a city where all one's special and beloved places "are disappearing before your eyes," and there is her love for women -- women who are almost too beautiful to be looked at,