December 21, 2016

Letter to a Man – Robert Wilson and Mikhail Baryshnikov

A Dark, Arid Exercise of Perfection   Talking about a  new piece by the creative tandem Robert Wilson/Mikhail Baryshnikov without enthusiasm means there has to be […]
July 1, 2013

The First Self-Publishing Summit in Berkeley

The brave new world of e-publishing and self-publishing can be summed up by one sentence you hear everywhere: “There’s at least one book in everyone.” A […]
June 4, 2013

Prince Charming Finds His Dream Girl… at SF Ballet and on YouTube

If you, too, can’t resist fairytales, my latest musings on Cinderella are online at Scene4 Magazine. If you, too, can’t resist to look behind the veil […]
May 19, 2013

Absence and Presence of True Artists

Bringing back John Cranko’s 1965 ballet Eugene Onegin for a second season was a no-brainer. There are never enough narrative ballets to satisfy the hunger of […]
February 3, 2013

Quoting Gertrude Stein # 94: Happy Birthday, Gertrude!

  Another Happy Birthday, Gertrude Stein! What is eternally 39 year-old Alice bringing Gertie for her celebration? You bet it’s something she baked, some “entertaining refreshment,” […]
January 14, 2013

Quoting Gertrude Stein says Bye-bye to 2012 and the Summer of Stein

 Bye-bye 2012! BYE-BYE  SUMMER OF STEIN The cartoon by Rick Meyerowitz, “The Girls of Summer,” brings home the sad fact. The year-long Summer of Stein ended […]
January 6, 2013

Happy New Year on Scene4!

Pina Bausch, Alice Waters, John Adams, and Opera on Demand: Everything Old Is New Again Everything old is new again is the topic of the New […]
December 7, 2012

Moby Dick at the Opera

Literature into opera? San Francisco composer Jake Heggie tried it again, this time with Herman Melville’s whale of a book. Did it work? Read my “minority […]
September 30, 2012

Gertrude Stein in the Movies

How right or how wrong does it get when Gertrude Stein appears in the movies? I had a second look at Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris  […]
June 9, 2012

Why Do Something If It Can Be Done: Quoting Gertrude Stein # 91

Why the Witch-Hunt Against Gertrude Stein? Tikkun Magazine It’s fascinating how the story of Stein’s war years and survival refuses to settle into a consistent story […]