May 23, 2006

Shamanic Swan Lake by Matthew Bourne

The revolutionary all-male Swan Lake from England, revisited.  
May 14, 2006

Women’s Memorial Labyrinth

Wiesbaden, Germany. Sponsoring and setting a memorial stone for Gertrude Stein, inscripted “A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.”  Links:  
May 6, 2006

The Labyrinth of 2000 Women

Report from the 20-year anniversary of the Women’s Memorial Labyrinth. The Celebratory Congress for the History of Eminent Women took place in Wiesbaden. I dedicated a memorial stone for […]
May 1, 2006

Book Tour in Germany

With the German edition of True Secrets of Lesbian Desire: Keeping Sex Alive in Long-Term Relationships: Die Farben der Lust: Sex in lesbischen Liebesbeziehungen (Krug & […]
March 1, 2006

Jeanne Stark-Iochmans: Timeless Clarity

Portrait of the Belgian pianist, cover story Link: Kent  Nagano, Olivier  Messiaen, Jeanne  Stark-Iochmans,  Yvonne Loriod  
July 26, 2005

Out at the Library

Panel on “Lesbian Publishers. A Historical Perspective and A Current View” with Carol Seajay, Barbara Grier, Frederique Delacoste, Joan Pinkvoss and Renate Stendhal. Eureka Valley/ Harvey […]
April 1, 2005

Ballet and Sex: Joan Acocella Lectures in Berkeley

Reflections on the (not so hidden) erotic subtext of ballet.  
February 1, 2005

“Bad Education” by Pedro Almodóvar

Reflections in two parts: Part I: Mala Educación Part II: Embracing the Crocodile: Second Thoughts about “Bad Education”  
January 1, 2005

Nutcracker: Mark Morris versus Matthew Bourne

From the “Hard Nut” to a sugary “Nutcracker”  
October 1, 2004

Culture Witness: Robert Wilson’s Black Rider

Marianne Faithful as the Devil in Wilson’s  Black Rider, in tour in San Francisco Link: